What’s a TOX Party?

Why would I host one?

Let’s get the party started babe! A tox party is incredibly fun and different from your run of the mill sales party. Get your best friends together, enjoy some music and snacks all while learning about how you can refresh your face to appear younger and more rested as if you just stepped out of the spa. After all, this is the part of your body that the world looks at every day! The best aspect of a tox party is that after a night with your besties, you’ll get to look at your rejuvenated gorgeous face for the next 2-3 months! Have everyone asking, “What’s different about you, you look great!”

Benefits of a tox party:

  • FUN! Enjoy a fun night with your closest friends/family/coworkers

  • CONVENIENT! Your life is busy, don’t worry about coordinating an appointment at a doctor’s office or med spa with your busy schedule

  • COMFORT! Feel comfortable and confident asking as many questions as you need and talking casually to a trained healthcare professional and injector in a non-threatening atmosphere. No sterile walls, medical equipment, strangers, or weird smells.

  • PRIVACY! No chance of running into your neighbor or that “Karen” in your life at a doctor’s office/med spa who will be asking you what treatments you’ve had done

  • QUALITY! Receive a comprehensive facial analysis and treatment from an AAFE (American Academy of Facial Esthetics) trained member. The highest national standard for injector training. Did you know that many injectors are solely trained by drug reps or other office clinicians? Go to someone who knows facial anatomy and how to achieve great results with the least risk of complications.                                

  • PERKS! Everyone loves a good perk especially when it comes in the form of a discount. As a thank you for supporting my small business, party hosts receive either of the following options (you choose):

    • A discount on neurotoxin of $2.00 off of every unit (your cost is $8/unit which is a discount of 20%)!

    • $100 off of a dermal filler syringe

  • EASY! I’ll provide you with party ideas or themes but keep it simple- this is nothing to stress over (no one cares if the muffins are homemade or not). I’ll set up an E-vite that you can text to your friends. I bring everything to you, coordinate setup and handle all the logistics. You have fun and catch up with your guys and gals. I will contact you and your guests about 2 weeks after treatment and have you send me your “post” pictures. Finally, I send you a reminder after three months that your tox might need a refresh. You don’t have to necessarily reschedule a party to have follow up treatments, I offer individual sessions to any of my clients (however all of your friends will need their next treatment at the same time so you could use that as an excuse to all get together again! 

  • DISCRETE! Listen, we are all on a budget and some of us have to get creative in order to treat ourselves without our significant others knowing exactly what we spend on beauty. (They never seem to complain about the results though!). I am happy to split tender multiple ways if you are not comfortable with putting your total balance on a card or bank account. Girl I’ve got you!   I accept cash, credit cards, Venmo, & Apple Pay or a combination of all four if you need!

So, if  you’re excited about the prospect of hosting a tox party and are ready to commit just reach out to me and let’s pick a date.

Cell 302-381-3482 / Email

  • Contact 5+ of your closest friends/family members/coworkers/etc. (the more the merrier!) and get your crew excited about your event.  

  • Have your guests review all of my pre and post treatment instructions on my website prior to the party (super important as some supplements and OTC medications need to be discontinued prior to certain treatments!)

  • On the day of your event I will arrive about 30 minutes prior to your guests and get everything set up. Ideally an open area with good lighting.

  • Once your guests arrive I just give some brief background info about myself and an overview of treatments available. All guests receive a paper copy of the pre/post instructions as well as consent forms. I encourage everyone to have a great time at your party however keep in mind that these are medical procedures and thus all informed consents need to be obtained before any alcohol is consumed if it is being served at your event. (Also keep in mind that alcohol can increase your risk of bruising with ANY of the treatments provided). OK- now that the formal stuff is taken care of I then talk to each guest and assess their goals and needs and provide treatments necessary. I will take multiple photos for each person and I work through each client in about 20 minutes depending on how complex. Meanwhile, everyone else is having a great time with you!

  • Two weeks after your event I will reach out to you and your guests to see your “after” photos and to see how you feel about everything. If for whatever reason you need an enhancement we will arrange a date/time for me to come to you for that.

  • 3 months after your event I will reach out to you to remind you that your neurotoxin might be wearing off and you can let me know if you need any additional treatments! That’s it!

Party Ideas/Themes

(These are just suggestions if you’re looking for a more tailored party experience but not necessary for a successful party)

Botox & Bubbly:  Mid-day brunch theme. Think Muffins/quiche/pastries

Burgers & Botox: Think sliders, tailgate foods

Babes & Botox: A combination of your friend’s favorite snacks/drinks. Focusing on the beauty of your favorite gals

Bro’s & Botox: All of your best guys in one place

Tox Thursday: An after-work “its 5pm somewhere” kind of theme. Tacos perhaps?

Fresh-face Friday: Think all healthy fresh food ideas. Antioxidant rich dips, whole grain crackers, fruits, vitamin c drinks